Nazar: A South Asian Perspective

Nazar – A South Asian Perspective, is an award-winning online magazine that caters to the South Asian population at The University of Texas at Austin.

CNN Political Ticker

“The latest political news from CNN’s Best Political Team, with campaign coverage, 24-7″

Sepia Mutiny

From their FAQ:

“What does Sepia Mutiny mean?

It’s a pun that combines the name of the first widespread rebellion against the British Raj with sepia, an ink associated with photography that is described as a “shade of brown with a tinge of red.” But you knew all that, clever reader. Democracy in America


“About Democracy in America: blogs are lightly moderated debates in which journalists from The Economist Newspaper, and the Economist Intelligence Unit post their thoughts and observations, and which are open to comment and argument from anybody who cares to intervene.”


“The South Asian Journalists Association. New South Asian stuff every day.”


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